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Termites are a natural part of the planet’s eco-system and they’re useful for breaking down dead timber and as a source of food for other creatures. 

Of the hundreds of varieties of termites in Australia, only a few types cause problems in our buildings, and since their preferred food is damp wood, having favourable conditions on your property increases the risk of a termite infestation.  Termites like to stay concealed in the dark, so you might not even notice you have a problem until extensive damage has already occurred.  Knowing the factors that increase the risk of termites is one of the best ways to deter them. 


Termite close-up, feeding. 


A Ready Supply of Food and Shelter 

Since termites love cellulose, especially wood, having an easily accessible supply of it on your property is a sure way to attract them. Wood piles and wooden structures that come into contact with the ground offer the perfect haven for termites. If you must use timber below floor level in your building, use only termite resistant varieties or treated timber, ensure good ventilation, and inspect it regularly for signs of termite damage. Even steel-framed buildings are susceptible to termite attack if there’s a good supply of food inside. 


Moisture and Humidity 

The other condition termites must have is moisture and humidity, which is why they love damp, rotting wood, or any wood in contact with damp ground. Warm, damp places inside buildings such as leaking roof cavities, walls with leaking pipes, and dank basements are most attractive to termites. Even ground moisture from living near the coast, especially in warm, sunny Queensland can contribute to the ideal termite living conditions. 


Vegetation and Other Materials Around the Foundations 

Storing wood or having dense vegetation near the building’s foundations not only attracts termites, it helps to cover their activity and entry points into the building. Mulch and leaves also provide protection for termites as they travel underground in search of new food sources. 


Neighbouring Termite Infestations 

After doing everything you can to reduce the risk of termites, you might still have a problem if your close neighbours are doing everything to attract them. Once the termites have eaten everything in your neighbour’s yard they can travel to your yard looking for food, and that wooden fence between the two properties might be helping them. 


No Termite Barrier or Termite Control 

Termites don’t discriminate and even the most careful home or business owner can have a pest problem. Installing termite barriers and other preventative measures helps to deter them, and annual termite inspections by a professional and experienced pest control company can quickly detect and eradicate any termites. 


Termite and Pest Control 

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As well as specialising in termite control, we also ensure our treatments are gentle on the environment, which means they’re safe for your family and pets. 

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