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Residential Pest Control

Unwelcome critters in your home are a nuisance, they often carry germs or disease and some of them can sting or bite. At Critters Pest Management we think your home should be your sanctuary and we’re on a mission to keep your home pest-free.

Our expert technicians are all professionally trained, and we keep up to date with the latest trends and innovations so we can deliver a safe and efficient pest control service for you.  Our effective treatments incorporate both environmental and chemical solutions and we use a range of approved dusts, gels, traps and chemical spray to eradicate the different types of critters that may have moved in.

In just one visit we can eliminate most of the pests invading your home and all of our general pest service come with a 12 month guarantee – if for any reason you’re not satisfied with the job we’ve done, we’ll come back and do it again.

At Critters Pest Management, effective pest spraying service can eliminate all types of pests from your building.

This service includes:

  • Cockroach gel placed in Kitchen cupboards.
  • All interior areas skirtings sprayed
  • All external areas treated, including, garage, garden sheds, clothesline, wheelie bins, pergola. gutters ,downpipes fence lines external walls. gardens and shrubs
  • Roof void dusted with insecticidal dust.
  • Ant granules to gardens
  • Written warranties ( 12 month including ants available)

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