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Pre Purchase Termite Inspections

Buying a property has never been easy especially when you have millions of things to consider. One of the things that you need to think about is having both pre-purchase building inspection and termite inspection done before you finalize the purchase of a property.

A pre-purchase timber pest inspection and report is a visual assessment of the condition of a property highlighting existing defects or areas of concern. Past or present subterranean termite activity, past or current signs of moisture issues however, it is not a warranty against future defect.

Area’s inspected providing adequate access is available:

  • All internal areas of the building
  • All external areas of the building
  • All areas of the property up to 50 meters from the building with in the fence line.
  • Subfloor if there is one
  • Roof void(s) where there is one

The scope of the inspection is to Timber pests, this includes chemical delignification of timber. Termite activity past and present, Termite protection current and past, fungi & wood decay to timbers and any areas with a high moisture reading.

At Critters Pest Management, we will inform you about the scope of inspection.We also welcome your presence at our inspections so that we can show and explain problems that may arise and which may help you in your decision relating to the purchase.

Our reports will be emailed to you by close of business the next day. If required earlier this can be arranged please request at booking.

At Critters Pest Management we can arrange a Building inspection at the same time if required. We can provide recommend list of builders to use, all builders we recommend are fully licensed and insured and have vast years of experience in the building industry.

Thermal Imaging

All Critters Pest Management termite inspections include thermal imaging using a Flir thermal camera. Subterranean termite nests generate heat that is detected by the thermal camera, so termite activity can be easily detected.

The camera is non-invasive and non-destructive and allows us to quickly scan for termite activity. It also means any treatment can be very precise, with minimal damage required to surrounding timbers.

With the thermal camera, our operator scans for moisture within walls. Since the nesting behaviours of termites bring large amounts of moisture into the building, the presence of moisture in an area where it is not expected is usually a sign of termite activity. The moisture absorbs temperature and gives a different reading to the surrounding areas.

Many pest control services rely on visual or audible techniques to inspect for termites and while we believe these inspections are important, we also believe that without thermal imaging you are only getting half the picture.

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