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Trelona ATBS

(Advance Termite Bait System)

Termite Issues in Australia

Termites are a highly destructive pest and a major cause of economic damage to homes around Australia. One in three homes in Australia has been affected by termite damage. There are hundreds of termite species around Australia, although only a small number of these species are responsible for structural damage to our homes.

Although the coastal belt and northern parts of Australia are generally regarded as the highest-risk areas for subterranean termite infestation, economically significant species, which damage timber, are found throughout mainland Australia. In reality, any structure containing wood is at risk of subterranean termite infestation whether in the city, suburbs or country, unless protective measures are taken.

Termite Hazard Map

Conducive conditions around your home

There are many conditions, which may be present around your home, that may be conducive to termite activity. Water and leaks associated with faulty plumbing, broken roof tiles, leaking shower recesses and air conditioning drainage can all contribute to a build-up of moisture in the surrounding soil, creating perfect conditions for termites.

Trees, shrubs and gardens adjacent to your home can result in an excess in roots, moisture and other organic matter, allowing termites to establish and gain access undetected into the foundations, expansion joints or other concealed entry points. It is recommended that your home is inspected annually by a pest management professional. This not only identifies any termite activity in the structure, but will also ensure that any conducive conditions are identified so they can be rectified to reduce the risk to your home.

Trelona ATBS – A revolution in termite baiting technology

Termite baiting is designed to protect structures by eliminating foraging termites around your home. The Trelona ATBS (Advance Termite Baiting System) has been developed to allow pest management professionals the opportunity to tailor the most appropriate termite management solution, for any Australian home.

Trelona ATBS combines the latest research in termite behaviour with the most advanced termite bait system to provide:

1. A sturdy and discrete bait station, designed to encourage station interception and feeding,

2. A system which can be applied as both a monitoring or an active system, providing year-round protection,

3. An advanced bait matrix, containing revolutionary termite bait technology that makes it irresistible to termites, and

4. The only system, specifically designed to be used in with the Termidor® range of products.

What to expect

Prior to installation of Trelona ATBS, a pest management professional will conduct an inspection of your home to determine, what management of termites within your home is required, what remedial steps may be required and the most appropriate installation and management plan for your home and circumstances.

On installation, ATBS stations will be installed around your home, at approximately 3 metre spacings. Your pest management professional will then identify the required inspections period, which may vary from one to six monthly intervals, depending on the level of activity, sites risks and the type of system to be installed (monitoring vs. active).

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