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The first indication that you might have a termite problem is the damage they’ve done, and by that time it’s often too late and you’re looking at a large repair bill and possibly significant structural damage to your home. 

Knowledge is power, and learning to spot the early signs of termite infestation can save you time and money, and let you get on top of the problem with a professional termite inspection and treatment plan. 


Termite nest at wooden, white wall. 


Hollow-Sounding Timber 

Although it’s a good sign that you have a termite problem, hollow timber also means the termites have been in your home for a while and they’ve already caused a lot of damage. Tapping walls and timber beams and structures produces a hollow or papery sound because the termites eat the wood from the inside out. The more hollow it sounds, the more damage has been done. 


Tiny Sounds in the Walls 

If you’re hearing tiny clicking and banging noises in your walls or timbers it’s a sure sign there’s something in there, possibly eating the interior. The clicking is the sound of termites chewing through your wood, and the banging is the soldier termites letting the nest know of a disturbance. Don’t ignore any strange sounds coming from your walls. Call in a professional pest control company to investigate.  


Cracks and Peeling Paint 

Peeling, blistering and cracked paint on wooden surfaces could be a sign of internal damage to the timber. As the termites chew through the inside of the wood they produce moisture which causes the cracking and peeling on the outside. You might also see sawdust in some areas. 


Warped Doors and Windows 

Don’t assume your suddenly ill-fitting doors and windows are caused by the weather. As in the peeling and blistering paint on the outside of affected timbers, your doors and windows can also become hard to open and close due to excess moisture produced by termites. 


Mud Tubes 

Also known as galleries, termites like to stay hidden so they build tunnels to travel from the soil into your home, looking for food. You can often see these tunnels running up your exterior walls and under the roof eaves to the entry point the termites have used to gain access to your home. 

Finding these tubes can be a sign that you have a current termite infestation or that you’ve had one in the past and the termites have already caused substantial damage and have now gone. Either way, a professional termite inspection and treatment should be arranged. 


Termite and Pest Control 

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