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A termite, or white ant, infestation can cause massive damage to any building that has wood in its construction, and in some cases can even undermine the building’s structural integrity. 

Even a small number of termites can cause major destruction over time, so prevention is always better than cure when it comes to avoiding the cost and time consuming job of repairing the damage. Here are five tips to help you become proactive and discourage termites from even entering the building. 


Close up termites or white ants, feed on wood.


Know Your Enemy 

By knowing more about the conditions that termites prefer, their favourite food, and places to live, you can ensure your property isn’t attractive to them. Termites love dark, damp places with lots of wood to eat. They’re so secretive that often you won’t know they’re there until you see the signs of damage. 

There are hundreds of different types of termites in Australia but it’s the subterranean kind that causes the most damage to buildings. They need moisture and will tunnel through the ground to find it, so damp rotting wood is the perfect place for them to thrive. 


Remove Excess Wood 

Any wood outside in your garden, such as piles of firewood or building materials must be stored well away from the house, and kept as dry as possible. If it’s going to be sitting for a while it pays to regularly check it for termites, because once they’ve finished with your wood pile they’ll be looking for another source of food. 


Keep Dampness in Check 

Keep your home well-maintained and well-ventilated. Check your roof for leaks, and fix leaking pipes and taps immediately to prevent dampness and humidity, the ideal environment for termites. Keep your foundation clear of vegetation that can contribute to dampness, and hide signs of termite infestation. 


Keep Wooden Structures Elevated 

Wooden structures, and especially your building’s foundations, must be elevated so they’re not in contact with the ground. Any wood used in the construction of garden features such as pergolas and veranda posts can be raised off the ground with metal or concrete. 


Schedule a Regular Termite Inspection 

For your peace of mind, and to find any termite nests before they get out of hand, schedule a regular termite inspection by a reputable and experienced pest control company. Unless you’ve had a previous termite infestation, an annual inspection using modern detection methods is recommended. Radar and thermal imaging can detect termite nests without disturbing them so they can be quickly eradicated with precision and minimal damage to surrounding timbers. 


Termite and Pest Control 

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