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While most people think of termites as those secretive creatures that sneak into your buildings and destroy the timber structures, at times termites leave the nest and fly away to reproduce and start a new colony. 

The concern with flying termites is the sheer number of them swarming in and around your property, and the knowledge that they’re looking to start a new nest and will need a ready supply of wood to feed on. So, how do you get rid of swarming termites around you property and keep your timber structures intact?


Swarm of termites flying in air.

Are They Termites or Ants? 

Flying ants and flying termites are not the same thing, although they can look similar. Your course of action starts by determining if they really are flying termites. They vary in colour, from light to dark brown, have four wings of equal size, a straight body with no waist, and straight antennae, with no bends or angles. They are commonly between half and one centimetre in length. 


Why Do Termites Swarm? 

Swarming termites, or flying termites, also called alates, tend to swarm in warmer weather and after rain, much like flying ants. Like ants, they fly when they want to breed and establish a new colony, so you want to make sure it’s not on your property. The presence of swarming termites could mean they’re looking to start a nest in your building, or you already have an established termite nest on your property and they’re leaving to build a new one. Both scenarios are bad news and you should take precautions to protect your property. 


Termite Control 

There are some ways you can deter swarming termites and stop them from entering your buildings once you’re sure they’re not originating from your property. 

  • Do a thorough search of your building and block any cracks and crevices that could be used as entry points 
  • Use an ultraviolet bug zapper outdoors, or indoors if they’ve already found their way in 
  • Termites swarm mostly at dusk and are attracted light, so block the light from your windows and turn off outside lights 


Call in the Experts 

Without a professional termite inspection there’s no way to know for sure whether the swarming termites came from your property, and it only takes a few to get into your building and start a nest. 

To keep your building pest-free, and for your own peace of mind, make an appointment to have your property inspected for termites and other pests, then follow the recommended tailored treatment plan to eradicate any that are detected. 


Termite and Pest Control 

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As well as specialising in termite control, we also ensure our treatments are gentle on the environment, which means they’re safe for your family and pets. 

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