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What are ants attraced to? Some areas tend to be more prone to ant infestations. Their populations can fluctuate due to a variety of factors such as weather and food supply. Sometimes, a home can become infested without any clear reason why. But often, it’s because your habits at home are attracting them there. Here are some habits that might contribute.

Closeup view of ants on a cupcake


Not Cleaning Spills Straight Away

Ants feed on a mixture of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. They are especially attracted to sugars because they provide a large amount of usable carbs. That means any sugary foods that are left out in the open are a homing beacon for ants. Even worse is sugary liquids. Ants love liquids because they are easier to swallow.

Everything from sugar granules to honey, spilled juice, rotting fruit, melted popsicles should be cleaned up immediately. Always wipe down your benches and stovetops after spilling anything or preparing food. Fats and greasy foods also have a strong scent that will attract ants. They’ll even be attracted to salt, crumbs and any other leftovers.


Leaving Dirty Dishes in the Kitchen

Any slight morsel of food or even the essence of it sitting on your plates and bowls will attract ants. If you’re guilty of letting dirty dishes stack up on the kitchen bench or in the sink, you are likely attracting ants. Avoid this problem by washing dishes straight away.


Keeping a Messy Pantry

If your pantry features the odd stray piece of cereal, rice, biscuit or any other crumb or foodstuff, it can attract ants. Even a slightly open bag of flour has been known to attract ants. Ensure you regularly clean all your cupboards and keep everything in your pantry secured properly in an airtight container to prevent ant problems. Alternatively, keep high risk foods in the fridge where they’ll be completely out of reach.


Overfeeding Your Pets

If your pet leaves some of their food in their bowl after you feed them, that remaining food is just going to sit there attracting other creatures including ants. Avoid this problem by only feeding your pet as much as they can consume in one go. You should also clean your pet food bowls regularly to keep ants from being attracted to any remaining morsels.


Leaving Dishes Full of Water Sitting Around

All living things need water to survive. Ants are no difference. These small creatures don’t need large amounts of water but will seek it out when needed, especially in drier climates. If you have dishes full of water sitting around, a sink full of water or unaddressed spills, it could attract ants. This includes hidden spillages under sink and fridges as well as damp conditions caused by leaks or improper drainage.


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