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The cleanliness of your restaurant is vital to the success of your business, but even the cleanest kitchens can attract unwanted pests that can seriously harm your reputation, and it only takes one sighting by a customer for the word to spread. 

Just like your home, your commercial kitchen has everything pests need to thrive, and the warmth, moisture and abundance of food makes it the ideal home for all kinds of nasty creatures. Since preventing pests is much easier than eradicating them once they arrive, here are some tips to keep them out of your restaurant. 


Male pest control worker spraying chemicals around establishment.


Proper Seals and Screens 

If pests can’t get into your restaurant then they’ll never become a problem. Ensure you have well sealed doors and windows with insect screens that fit properly and are well-maintained. Of course, there will be people coming and going through doors so consider some kind of fly curtain for flying insects, and ultraviolet bug zappers for those that do make it into the building. Also, be vigilant about unintended entry and install seals on the bottom of doors, and regularly check for cracks and crevices where small insects could get in. 


Inspect Incoming Shipments 

Pests can also hitch a ride on your incoming shipments so thoroughly check each new arrival for stowaways and evidence of pests such as droppings, torn paper and bite marks. Always use clean and reputable suppliers, and take the time to find out exactly where your orders are coming from. 


Proper Food Storage 

Being strict about the way your food is stored will keep pests from trying to access your restaurant for a quick meal.  Store dry goods in tightly sealed plastic containers that are at least 15 cm off the floor, and 30 cm away from walls, and keep the surrounding areas clean. Proper stock rotation will ensure food is used before its expiry date and no food is kept for longer than necessary to attract pests. 


Proper Rubbish Disposal 

Keep inside bins lined and meticulously clean and sealed when not being used, and take the rubbish out as soon as gets to a certain level. Don’t neglect the bins outside either. They’re the first place pests will be attracted to, so keep them clean and well-sealed, and as far away as possible from your restaurant. 


Thorough Cleaning 

Never underestimate the benefits of thorough daily cleaning for sanitation and pest control. Clean all equipment and work areas before you leave for the night, and keep your floors clean and dry. A regular cleaning schedule will make sure everything gets cleaned properly, and any pests are detected quickly. 


Termite and Pest Control 

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