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fire ants australia

Red imported fire ants in Australia are one of the most aggressive and infamous ant species found in the country. As their name suggests, their sting burns like fire, causing painful welts and pustules on contact.

Native to South America, these tiny but mighty fire ants likely arrived in Australia via shipping crates. They were first detected in Brisbane in 2001 and have been slowly spreading outward from there. Fire ants thrive in the warm and wet environment that Brisbane provides.

As a pest control company operating in the Brisbane area, we know that fire ants pose a unique challenge for homeowners. Their mounds seem to appear overnight, dotting lawns and gardens with hard domes of dirt. Disturbing these mounds brings the attack as hundreds of ants rush out to defend their colony.

Beyond painful stings, fire ants can damage outdoor infrastructure and ruin otherwise pleasant landscapes. Mounds popping up in lawns prevent yards from being fully usable and enjoyed. Even infrastructure like electrical boxes can be damaged over time.

The key to dealing with fire ants in Australia is early intervention. Treating mounds as soon as they appear is vital to getting an infestation under control. Otherwise, established colonies will continue to spread. By law you are required to report any evidence of fire ants on your property to https://ants.daf.qld.gov.au/table-of-contents/report-fire-ants

As Brisbane pest control experts, we have extensive experience in  managing fire ant infestations. If you spot a fire ant mound popping up on your property, don’t panic. But also don’t wait to give us a call! The sooner we can start treatment, the better. Contact us today.