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Fleas in the home can be an irritating and annoying problem. The major pests are the cat flea and the dog flea. The small black flea, often called a ‘ground’ or ‘sand’ flea is in fact a newly emerged, unfed cat or dog flea.

Many people do not realise that most of the life cycle of the flea occurs off the pet.

For every five (5) fleas found on your cat or dog, there may be ninety-five (95) in the carpet! This sounds hard to believe, but for most of its life the flea does not look like the small dark insect that people recognise.

Fleas can remain dormant in their cocoons for several months waiting for vibrations to stir them into action. Adults emerging from their cocoons are small and black until they feed. They can remain alive for up to three months without food.


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