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Wasp Control

European wasps are approximately 15-25 mm in length and have bright yellow and black stripes on their back half with black dots between the stripes, down each side of the abdomen. They also have bright yellow legs and have longer, thicker antennae than bees.

European wasps can nest in various locations including wall, ceiling and tree cavities however the most likely place to find a European wasp nest is in the ground. European wasp nests are easily sighted by the constant activity going to and from the nest and particularly just above the nest however the entrance to the nest may be well hidden.

The bulging grey nests of a wasp are ugly eyesores, not to mention the threat of somebody being stung. If you have a wasp nest problem in your garden, or a wasp problem in house, you should do something about it.

There’s no use getting rid of your wasp problem after it’s too late. A child or elderly person being attacked by wasps can ruin a family barbecue in an instant. If you know that there are wasps on your property, it’s time to contact wasp control services and enlist them for professional wasp nest removal.

Professional Wasp Control Services

Some people feel they can destroy wasp nests on their own, but this can prove dangerous if the nest is large or difficult to access. Wasps can attack in very large numbers. If a wasp nest removal goes wrong, that can be disastrous.

To keep your family safe, it’s best to seek professional help. A good wasp control expert will have all the professional know-how required to safely get rid of that wasp nest, so that neither you nor your family must suffer the stings of outrageous fortune.

For over 20 years, Critters Pest Management has aided families in exterminating wasps. When you notify us of your problem, we’ll send out a technician who will assess the situation and work with you to resolve your wasp issue. 


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