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AMDRO Ant Granular Bait 454g


AMDRO Ant Granular Bait label AMDRO Ant Granular Bait Safety Data Sheet

AMDRO Ant Granular Bait 454g remains one of the most highly effctive pest control prodicts on the market and enjoys a stellar reputation because of its quailty and efficiency at killing ants.

For use against the Coastal Brown Ant, Singapore Ant, Tropical Fire Ant or Ginger Ant, Red Imported Fire Ant and Greenhead Ant



AMDRO Ant Granular Bait 454g uses the active ingredient Hydramethylnon, which works as a slow-acting toxin that needs to be ingested. Over time, Amdro has a devastating effect on the forraging ants and results in the elimination of ant nests and stops ants dead.


AMDRO Ant Bait Granules are easy to use so long as you follow the instructions. The bait cannot be applied to wet ground and should not be ingested. You can sprinkle the granules around the perimeter of your house and then leave them, so there is no extra work.

Additional Information

APVMA Approval Number: 47194
Product name: Amdro Granular Ant Bait
Product Label: click here
Product SDS: click here

APVMA (Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority) Approval Number: 47194

This product must be used in accordance with the label.


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