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Clear Out Plus IGR Aerosol Spray 350g


Clear Out Plus label  Clear Out Plus Safety Data Sheet

Clear Out Plus IGR consists of two active ingredients – 0.5g/kg fipronil and 0.15g/kg pyriproxyfen a group 2B and 7C Insecticide. The addition of an IGR (pyriproxyfen) extends the residual nature of the product and reduces the chance of insect resistance to Fipronil.

Key benefits of Clear Out Plus IGR Aerosol Insecticide include:
  • Precise, simple and convenient to use aerosol spray containing Fipronil.
  • User friendly with no chemical decanting or mixing reduces contamination
  • Perfect for tight cracks and crevices with the flip up nozzle straw
  • Suitable during inspection or treatment saving time
  • Designed for professional pest managers
  • Easier to control spray volume which avoids overspray onto sensitive surfaces


Active Ingredient: 0.5g/kg Fipronil, 0.15g/kg Pyriproxyfen

Clear Out Plus IGR Aerosol Insecticide is a residual surface crack & crevice or spot treatment for control of ants, cockroaches and flies in domestic, commercial and public buildings.


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